Tips on making good slides

What Font size should you use?

What Font type should you use?

For sentences use Serif.  For example:

However most slides should aviod sentences and paragraps and instead use point form.

Thus most  slides use Sans Serif. For example:


An example of a slide with not enough contrast between the elements and background

  • Be very careful to maintain sufficient contrast between the figure and the background.
  • When composing slides on a computer, the colors on the screen can be misleading. The screen underestimates the contrast (and minimum line thickness) that a slide requires, particularly in a big auditorium. Test run a few slides in the size of the auditorium you will use.


  • If you use a dark background, use very light colors for lines and text.

  • If you use a light background, use very dark colors for lines and text.

Use color effectively.

Do not forget to add labels.
  • You may forget to mention what the lines mean or your listener may not have been listening.

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