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Muscle Sense

BBC documentary entitled "The Man Who Lost His Body." The film follows Ian Waterman, who at 19 caught a virus that robbed him of his proprioception. The medical establishment believed that he would never walk again, but through sheer will-power Ian has been able to develop new neural pathways that enable him to function relatively normally.


A very realistic look at the activity of spindles and golgi tendon organs by Arthur Prochazka.

Amazing things that neuroscientists do for the cause of science. To determine role of muscle receptors in proprioception, the lead author in this paper, DI McCloskey, exposed and transected the tendon of his own extensor hallucis longus under local anaesthesia and then pulled it with a pair of forceps.

Tutis Vilis
Department of Physiology
and Pharmacology

University of Western Ontario
London Ontario Canada

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